Jerry Lee Lewis, “the Killer” of Rock N Roll

“mary kathy jones”

All Things Thriller

It was just your average hot and sticky July evening in Nesbit, Mississippi. Nesbit’s usually pretty quiet–and it especially was back then, in 1981–though it’s only about twenty miles from Memphis. But of course nobody knows what goes on behind closed doors–average small town or big city, for that matter.

Behind closed doors at 1595 Malone Road, the Killer stumbled down the long hallway of his rambling ranch style home. He clutched his stomach and slid down a wall. Searing pain engulfed his abdomen. “K.K.!” he called to his then girlfriend. The Killer was lucky she heard him. His voice was little more than a harsh raspy whisper.

Mary Kathy Jones stopped dead in her tracks when she saw him. He was white as a sheet and coughing up blood.

Jones and long time road manager J.W. Whitten carried the Killer to his El Dorado Cadillac. Whitten floor boarded it…

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Big Bond Themes And Secret Agent Cover Versions

This gallery contains 28 photos.

Originally posted on The Reprobate:
As the James Bond series lurches from one embarrassment to another, still hugely popular but continually and desperately playing catch-up with passing fads and misguided ideas of political correctness (surely, is any film series should be defiantly un-PC, it is the Bonds), the time feels right to remember a time…

Cheap Thrills – The Amazing World Of The Top Of The Pops Cover Version LPs

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Originally posted on The Reprobate:
? Dollies and Ravers and all young Groovies! Here’s another fantabulous Top of the Pops album by Hallmark! Just look at some of the really meaty, beaty numbers – ‘Bad Moon Rising’, ‘In The Year 2525’, and that smash hit from ‘HAIR’, ‘Good Morning Starshine’ – all high, high, up…

Dallas History on the BBC

Flashback : Dallas

big-tex_bbc_radio-4_julia-barton_photo“Howdy, chaps!”

by Paula Bosse

A few years ago, when writing about one of the many attempts in the never-ending saga of trying to make the Trinity River a navigable waterway, I stumbled across the 99% Invisible podcast website where I discovered Julia Barton and her long audio piece on the very same topic. I was surprised — and excited — to find someone with a similar background to mine tackling Dallas’ history and looking at it from a thoroughly 21st-century perspective. I felt she and I had been separated at birth, and I enthusiastically contacted her via Twitter. Since then we’ve met a couple of times, chatted back and forth online, and, this year, she asked if I would help with research for a radio piece about Dallas she was preparing for BBC Radio. Of course I would!

Julia Barton is a radio and podcast editor and has…

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Internet Elvis: Rare and Obscure Songs

yes, you’re right. i couldn’t have re-blogged that any better

Our Daily Elvis

While in 2017,  Beyonce is a university marketing class, in the 1990s – Academia took notice of Elvis Presley.

Elvis Presley was the most popular and most maligned and the first/last entertainer that everyone can agree to something on.

In the Web 1.0 days of static pages – after Geekdom – Elvis Presley fandom ruled the web.

Lucy Lawless of Xena Warrior Princess fame was the first celebrity of the net, when she was in the hospital after a horse riding stunt and went online into a Xena Fan Forum. She posted “it’s just a tv show” and the forum exploded.

The Blair Witch Project made the internet critical to marketing and the era of the weird wide wild web was over.

Many of the original sites no longer exist, free website hosting sites disappear into archives and off line.

I wanted to share and save this article: one of…

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The US Times

H. R. Punk 'n' Stuff

WOW! Everything finally lined up just right and after 26 years of looking for the band, the US Times, I have finally struck gold!

The US Times had an album, “Wanna Go to London”, with two songs that seemed to get a good rotation on WPRG in Baton Rouge, LA, US (now known as KLSU, the excellent LSU college station) sometime in 1982: “Wanna Go to London” and “I’m an Actor”. Unfortunately, I never saw them live. Oh, well. Those were the only songs I’ve heard from the album, that I know of.

They got enough airplay for me to remember some of the music and lyrics over the course of 26 years, slowly fading, fading, until today. Nothing in used record stores; in 1995, I began searching on the internet for it, maybe searching every year or two. At some point, about 1994, I spoke with my old high school friend, who is now married to…

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Elvis and Religious controversy

Our Daily Elvis

“Miracle of the Rosary” is truly miraculous in its own way, in the fact that it was published at all. Doubly so that it was recorded by Elvis – the only song about the Rosary to ever be recorded by a major artist and released on a major label. It is also a bit of a miracle Elvis remembered it for over a decade, after hearing it only once. And it is miraculous and mysterious that two Pentecostal boys felt called to record a song about one of the most sacred Catholic devotions and sacramentals. is miraculous that Elvis’ “Miracle of the Rosary” was recorded

Just as valid as any other, eh:

EIN: Chris, please tell us the Chris Matthews story, your background etc.

I am Australian and 54 years old. For most of my working life I have
been a watercolour artist. I have also had a…

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Was There A Dark Side to Elvis and Gladys?

Nina's Soap Bubble Box

Give us this day, Sept 4, our Daily Elvis


Elvis filled in the blank lines of his parent’s marriage certificate with his own name and that of “Magdline” Morgan, a girl he knew from church. He wrote in September 11th as the date of their marriage.


This all was a big surprise, 50 years later, to Magdalene, when she heard about it. She commended: ” It was just a very sweet relationship. At that time, if you just held hands, it was very serious. And we did hold hands a lot”.

Magdalene Morgan died in February, 2012.


1940s Tupelo school grounds “Elvis likes you” was the playground taunt to make girls cry.

book_burk_tupeloyearsbook_earlyelvis_thehumesyears book_burk_sunyears

Bill E. Burke was a Memphis Reporter who covered Elvis’ early career – his slim volumes and columns have yet to be collected in a proper hard cover must own.

He watched Elvis change from the…

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Elvis was metrosexual; but was he Bisexual?

are you an Elvis fag? this post says it’s alright, mama

Nina's Soap Bubble Box

I don't know if it's the combination of the corporate suits and the half naked pretty boy that makes this homoerotic or just the juxtapostions of the energies I don’t know if it’s the combination of the corporate suits and the half naked pretty boy that makes this homoerotic or just the juxtapostions of the energies

The Rebel and The King

I have been really curious to get this book, since it might explain a gap in the Elvis cannon.

Elvis having had the rumored affair with Nick Adams makes sense. The James Dean worship and I expect that Elvis – once the terror of girls to the point that they teased each other with taunts of “Elvis likes you”.

so desperate was he to give his heart away.

Elvis and magdaline At age 13 a very impulsive and obviously very much in love Elvis forged a Marriage License from his parents original placing his and Articles about Elvis Presley Elvis Presley Photos Magdaline Morgan’s names on the certificate. Elvis knows Magdaline from the First Assembly of God Church. He writes in September 11 as the…

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King vs Presidents

Our Daily Elvis

 Trump is getting desperate, eh Presley to Receive Presidential Medal of Freedom

Story image for elvis presley from Rolling Stone

Elvis Presley to Receive Presidential Medal of Freedom

Rolling Stone-5 hours agoElvis Presley is among the seven “distinguished individuals” that will receive a Presidential Medal of Freedom from Donald Trump at a…Elvis Presley Among Trump’s Selections for Presidential Medal of …
Variety-3 hours agoBabe Ruth, Elvis Presley, Senator Hatch to Receive Presidential …
International-The Epoch Times-47 minutes agoTrump to award Medal of Freedom to Babe Ruth, Elvis, Scalia, Hatch
Highly Cited-The Hill-6 hours agoMiriam Adelson gave the GOP millions. Trump is giving her the Medal …
Opinion-Washington Post-6 hours agoElvis Presley and Babe Ruth Among Trump’s First Medal of Freedom … minutes ago

Nora Qudus+1I thought Elvis left the building?2h

Nina From Canada, eh's profile photo

Nina From Canada, eh+Nora Qudus yup. suicide in 1977 then in 1987 the USA…

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The Selvedge Yard

joe_esposito_led_zeppelin_shirt elvis presley

Sept. 7th, 1976 — Joe Esposito (Elvis Presley’s Memphis Mafia buddy) wearing a Led Zeppelin 1975 Tour T-shirt at the Holiday Inn hotel with Elvis in Pine Bluff, Arkansas. 

I Was There. And more… as told by Elvis Presley’s step-brother

“I was 14 years old when Led Zeppelin came to Memphis in 1969. As the youngest step-brother to Elvis Presley, I was living at the Graceland Mansion. My divorced mother Dee Stanley married Elvis’s widowed father Vernon Presley on July 3, 1960. Anyway, I went to the concert with a friend and was blown away. John Bonham playing his solo on Moby Dick, Jimmy Page stroking his Les Paul with a fiddle bow, John Paul Jones laying down heavy bass, and of course the driving voice of Robert Plant. While growing up as Presley’s step-brother I was no stranger to great music. But it was Led Zeppelin that became MY…

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“Meet Me in Dallas, On June the 23rd…”

Flashback : Dallas

jeannie-c-riley_flickrJeannie C. Riley

by Paula Bosse

Until last week, I don’t think I’d ever heard the 1969 song “The Back Side of Dallas,” sung by Jeannie C. Riley, who had had the blockbuster hit “Harper Valley PTA” the previous year. How have I never heard this? I was going to post it last week until I realized that it would be better to wait until today, because of this line from the song: “Meet me in Dallas on June the 23rd, his letter read.” And here we are, June 23rd.

The song, written by Jerry Foster and Bill Rice was released in October, 1969. It wasn’t the huge, crossover, multi-award-winning monster hit that “Harper Valley PTA” was, but it did earn Jeannie another Grammy nomination (she lost to Tammy Wynette’s “Stand By Your Man” — if you’re going to lose, that’s a pretty great performance to lose to!).

Like “Harper Valley PTA,” it was one of…

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Follicle to Fundament


Follicle to Fundament


I’m not James Bond or

Jimmy Beard,
But I know what to drink with weird.
There was a list which I was sent,
From follicle to fundament:
White or red?
Your meal’s still dead;
Just get fed,
And go to bed.

Chardonnay with fish filet?
Chops with Vosne-Romanée?
Whether to drink old or young?
(Rampling or Christensen?)

When I drink there is no doubt,
I place my order and make it stout:
Guinness and a Jameson—
What was it that you called me, then?

Buffalo, lion, antelope,
I’d even order for the Pope;
ChristBlood singing in a chalice,
Sweet red wine drunk without malice.

In to Bourbon’s slurried well,
Amber pours and secrets tell
Of intermittent deprivations
And mean slags pouring thin potations.

I know a spot to sup with chums,
With demis, mags and jeroboams;
To start, How about an aperitif?
Kir? Why not? But, make it brief;
And should you want a postprandial,
The green stuff’s good after a while.
Absinthe makes the tart grow fond;
La Fee Verte waves her magic wand;
And if there is no place to go,
We’ll stay inside with Veuve Clicquot;
Coffee, grappa, chocolate cake —
The last request that waiter’s take.

It’s time to drink our rations up
To lullabies which fill our cup.


#4: Ian Hunter – You’re Never Alone With a Schizophrenic (1979)

Pierce's Press

Mott the Hoople should’ve come to a grinding halt the moment Ian Hunter walked out on them in December 1974, unfortunately they carried on under the Mott banner for two more godawful albums in the mid-70s (that’s another story). Hunter was the lead singer and chief visionary of the band, and while original guitarist Mick Ralphs would go on to form the solid Bad Company – led by former Free singer Paul Rodgers – Hunter would recapture the structural starkness and stormy directness of his former band with his strong initial solo outings: the classic self-titled debut Ian Hunter (1975) and the experimental follow up All American Alien Boy (1976). Then came a forgettable Earl Slick collaborative effort (1977’s Overnight Angels) before Hunter again teamed up with former Bowie/Mott producer/guitarist the great Mick Ronson, releasing the filler-free You’re Never Alone With a Schizophrenic in 1979 – still one of…

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HARLAN T BOBO – ” A History of Violence “

The Fat Angel Sings

Once the intro to opener “Human” gives way to its fully-realized sonic purpose, it’s obvious that Harlan T. Bobo’s fourth proper album, A History of Violence, is quite different from his previous body of work. The classic historical emotional heft of a songwriter trying to make sense of life’s chaos, think mid-70s Lou Reed, especially Coney Island Baby, is a thread that can be heard running through the album’s mid-tempo tracks like “Human” and the miniature literary tragedy that is “Nadine”. The punchier tracks on the album, like “Spiders”, might conjure very early Green On Red, what X’s mid-80s output could have been, or even the roots-rock tendencies of overlooked genius.


Though this is the first proper full-length by Harlan since 2010’s Sucker, the last eight years have in no way framed a musical hiatus of any sort. Bobo contributed to The Memphis Symphony Orchestra’s conductor-less

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“Man shouts at pony”: A selection of YouTube videos

World Of Crap

Me and Alex have both had horrible flu this week, and are now at the ‘malingering’ stage. As a result, we’ve had lots of time to sit there clicking random things on the internet. One stop on our travels was the subreddit r/DeepIntoYouTube, which is a lovely and not at all terrifying knackers yard for forgotten or otherwise unloved YouTube videos. Because I am nice, I thought I’d share the best ones I found.

Disclaimer: I genuinely love some of these. With others, I’m just taking the piss a bit. I’ll leave you to decide which is which.

All the unnecessary parts of a chair

A cutting commentary (pun not even intended, I’m just that good) on needless consumerism, accompanied by accidental rude noises and a bonus ‘will he fall/won’t he fall’ feature.

Self Esteem

A spoof advert that I may or may not be dreaming as I type…

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World Of Crap reviews Family Circle biscuits

World Of Crap

First a disclaimer: this wasn’t actually the tin of biscuits I wanted to talk about.  I assumed it was, but then I realised there was a complete lack of pink wafers.  I assumed this must be one of these modern switch outs.  Then I did a little digging and apparently the biscuit selection I so fondly remembered was in fact this:

Pic 1

I had no idea they were called Rover.  It was simply “The Tin of Biscuits”; not The Biscuit Tin, that was just another name for The Biscuit Barrel.  I tried to get a box of these to review, but they no longer appear to do them.  Much like the cars of the same name.

Their tins will of course live on, in the houses of the elderly, filled with buttons, yellowing photographs, insurance documents and hoarded incandescent lightbulbs “because these energy savers are SO dark!”.

So Family Circle it…

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Oh, I Get It! Moral Ambiguity!

A friend was recently enthusing to me about William Faulkner’s The Unvanquished, and the discussion that ensued reminded me of a great bit buried at the end of the gag reel of the 2006 Will Ferrell vehicle, Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby. Forward to 5:01 for an analysis of “The Bear” that’s probably jump-started a few college term papers:

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