An extract from ‘The Devil and Sonny Liston’ by Nick Tosches

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“He was too cool to be real, too real to be cool. He was just what he fucking was: Charles L. Liston, mightiest of men, sharpest of dressers. Had more pasts than most people had socks. Go on, pick a past, any past. They were all the same to him: sand slough and alleys, barrooms and prison cells, fancy ass big bad gangster men and bent-down cotton pickers. All the same.”

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Nick Tosches – “Patti Smith: A Baby Wolf with Neon Blues” (1976)

The Beat Patrol

This article comes from Penthouse magazine, April 1976…


Patricia Lee Smith hit the linen on December 30, 1946, in Chicago, and was raised, the eldest of four children, in Deptford Township, New Jersey.

She had been slapped about by tuberculosis; she was a frail-seeming punkling, skinny and daydreamy. She attended Glassboro State College, briefly, and tried doing piecework at a toy factory. Both made her carsick. In 1967 she came to New York. From there she went to Paris with her sister Linda. She wanted to be an artist, but her drawing became poems. She returned to New Jersey, then to New York, where she slowly but steadily became arch moll of rhythm’d word.

Patti co-authored a book with playwright Sam Shepard, “Mad Dog Blues & Other Plays.” She appeared in a film, Robert Mapplethorpe Gets His Nipple Pierced. Late in 1971, Telegraph Books published her…

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This is a collection of photographs I took on my latest visit to The Museum of Modern Art in New York City. The originals are part of the Prints and Illustrated Books Collection and the on view exhibitions. The exhibitions at the MoMA only reinforced the importance of typography on both commercial and artistic worlds. From the art pieces to the museum’s signage, typography is omnipresent at any modern art museum.

The strongest evidence are the exhibitions:
Martin Kippenberger: The Problem Perspective. This exhibition included hundreds of posters he designed for his exhibitions(Not allowed to take photographs).

Paper: Pressed, Stained, Slashed, Folded. This exhibition focuses on works on paper, including prints, illustrated books, and selected drawings, that explore and manipulate the materiality of paper itself.
Click to see Paper: Pressed, Stained, Slashed, Folded.

The Printed Picture. MoMA will publish The Printed Picture, a book by Richard Benson that traces the changing…

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More homework…

Grouping principles, closure and modal completion
“A margin that divides and delimit the image in different zones is perceived even when it doesn’t exist”.

Memphis, Interstate, Ms. Eaves.

Work on a Closure and Modal completion image:
Select a letter(s) to form a geometric figure
Select a word and experiment with modal completion of some of the letters
Select an object and experiment forming a geometric figure
You can experiment with the different ways of completion

Work for the Visual Language Class for the Advanced Typography Certificate Program at Langara College



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Night Gallery – “Tell David” a look into the future

PowerPop... An Eclectic Collection of Pop Culture

I was watching this Night Gallery episode (Tell David) from 1971 a few months ago and was surprised at some things they showed. It was about a woman who got lost in the rain and ended up at a stranger’s home. She went in to use the phone and the house was in the future…Actually in the future. There is a twist but that doesn’t matter.

A few things caught my attention. I started to research it and Me-TV had a page dedicated to it. Almost looks like Rod Serling knew something…or the set designers did…

One was a video phone…reminded me of Skype.

vlcsnap-2019-03-04-20h11m45s952.pngHer dialing a number

Image result for night gallery tell davidTechno Music


GPS or Google  Maps

Image result for night gallery tell david Gps

Non-Tar Cigarettes… Current Vape?

Image result for night gallery tell david phone


“Tell David…” is an odd episode. A woman loses her way, trying to find her house, and ends up getting help from some odd people. They have technology beyond that…

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Written by Caroline Williamson from Design Milk

Typography Fence Art by Lambchop

I love it when someone’s idea is not just clever, but it makes you stop and think like Lambchop’s Typographic Fences project. The Michigan-based artist weaves words and phrases into chain-link fences using ordinary flagging tape.

Typography Fence Art by LambchopGet There (first image also)
Train tracks by Hoover Road, Ann Arbor, Michigan
March 2012

Added to various fences in the United States and around the world, the giant words appear to almost float mid-air like suspended thoughts to make you stop, take a breath, and acknowledge what it says.

Typography Fence Art by LambchopRemember This
Corner of Maiden Lane and Plymouth Road, Ann Arbor, Michigan
March 2012

Typography Fence Art by LambchopRemember This (close up)

Typography Fence Art by LambchopProceed
Corner of Observatory Road & Medical Center Drive, Ann Arbor, Michigan
April 2012

Typography Fence Art by LambchopPlay Regardless
Abandoned fence Brownfield site, Ann Arbor, Michigan
March 2012

Typography Fence Art by LambchopYou look lovely.
Green Road Park & Ride, Ann Arbor, Michigan
March 2012

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Life and Death of a Porn Star and Her Alter Ego: when Colleen Applegate met Shauna Grant

40 years of faulty wiring

A blonde-haired, blue-eyed beauty, Colleen Applegate was like a Hollywood stereotype, a small-town girl of 18 who left home seeking something better, except Colleen Applegate was no stereotype. Colleen Applegate was hauntingly, unforgettably real. Her story is re-told by television syndicates and in dreadful made-for-tv movies. watch The death of shauna grant: entertainment tonight

Perhaps it is her many parallels to Marilyn Monroe/Norma Jeane that fascinates people. Hailing from a dysfunctional family and experiencing little happiness in Minnesota, she attempted suicide at least once before running away. It was small wonder Colleen left Minnesota to find herself: even the obscure name of her town Farmington sounds restrictive, and post-high school Colleen couldn’t find her niche. Her mother, Karen Applegate was  cold and controlling, her father Phil Applegate, removed from the family dynamic.

Is this bleak portrait of family life typical of a porn actress?  Often drugs and pornography are blamed when a porn star kills herself…

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Photos of The Shrine In Front of David Bowie’s Apartment Building

Flowers, Photos, Artwork and Gifts from Fans and Mourners Stretch Eight Feet Deep in Front of David Bowie’s Former Home in Downtown NYC (All Photos By Gail)

The Worley Gig

12 Feet Deep
Flowers, Photos, Artwork and Gifts from Fans and Mourners Stretch Eight Feet Deep in Front of David Bowie’s Former Home in Downtown NYC (All Photos By Gail)

I’m sure I am not alone when I say that I haven’t really felt centered since I heard the news of David Bowie’s death when I woke up at 6:00 AM on Monday morning. No matter how many bittersweet memories of seeing Bowie in concert back-in-the-day, or engaging personal accounts of ways in which David Bowie profoundly impacted countless lives that I read in my FaceBook news feed — and, trust me, the verbal tributes haven’t stopped coming — this news just doesn’t seem like it could be real. It’s almost like I need to ‘see the body,’ so to speak, for it to really sink in. Because I thought David Bowie was going to live forever. Didn’t we all?

I like to…

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David Bowie, 1947-2016

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The legendary musician died on Sunday of cancer. At the Awl, Alex Balk writes: “If you are under the age of 40 you live in a world he helped make, whether you’re aware of it or not. His importance transcends his work in a way that only a few other artists of his generation can claim.” Here are six stories about the rock star who left a mark on music, fashion, and art.

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Michael A. Gonzales | Longreads | January 2018 | 13 minutes (3,186 words)

Something happened on the day he died

Spirit rose a metre and stepped aside

Somebody else took his place, and bravely cried

(I’m a blackstar, I’m a blackstar)

— David Bowie, Blackstar

Last October, when it was announced that the SoHo bookstore McNally Jackson would moving in June, 2019 from its Prince Street location after 14 years (a decision that now seems to have been reversed), two people immediately came to mind: genius artist David Bowie, who in his lifetime was a frequent customer, and my late buddy Brook Stephenson, who worked at the shop for 11 years before his sudden passing on August 8, 2015. A few months before he died, over that year’s Memorial Day Weekend, I crashed at his Crown Heights crib while visiting from Philly. The neighborhood had changed a lot in the…

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BOWIE OBJECT – Exclusive Preview!

Gillette Supermax Pro 1300 Hairdryer


Mindful of the controversy that surrounded the leaking of TOY online, I thought long and hard about whether or not to post this preview of BOWIE: OBJECT.

If it exerts pressure on David and/or his publisher to get the book out, then I think it can only be a good thing and I feel justified in doing so. Does David really believe that the leaking of TOY was a bad thing? In the absence of any new music, this brief extract is a fascinating and highly revealing insight into David’s life & work which will make his fans happy.

Two points to bear in mind:

1) This sample material was submitted to the publisher in advance of the contract being signed, and nobody other than David and his editor can be certain whether these texts or images will be included in the final version of the completed book (but this…

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‘The Art of Music’ at NOCCA

Crescent City Sound

Music is an integral part of the New Orleans experience. In older parts of the city, jazz is the right soundtrack to accompany the sight of ironwork and the soulful aroma of gumbo. In newer parts of the city, bounce is the right sound for getting down with life-affirming booties and grilled hot sausage. In more suburban areas, R&B is the right sound for an afternoon by the lake with a take-out shrimp po-boy, dressed.

The confluence of music and other arts was highlighted Thursday during “The Art of Music,” a special program presented by the Faubourg Quartet at the New Orleans Center for Creative Arts.

The Faubourg Quartet with Michel Varisco's "Currents" at the New Orleans Center for Creative Arts, Thursday, Aug. 29, 2013. The Faubourg Quartet with Michel Varisco’s “Currents” at the New Orleans Center for Creative Arts, Thursday, Aug. 29, 2013.

The idea of looking at multiple arts as one is far from new. In the 1800s, the concept of “correspondences” emerged, referring to the…

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Natchez, Mississippi – Day 5

On The Road With Jim And Mary

Note: Mary flew from Baton Rouge Airport, Louisiana on March 12 to her home in California. I’m hoping to get her back with me by mid-April. My current plans are to drift SLOWLY north along the Mississippi River to Memphis, Tennessee where I’ll then turn northeast heading for New England for the Summer. Can’t go north too fast because it’s still cold up there! The Mississippi River is rich in history…I expect it to be an interesting passage.

The motorhome is still parked at the Loyal Order of Moose Lodge #1662 in Natchez, Mississippi.

Natchez remained mostly undamaged from the Civil War. Hence this old city with its narrow and many one-way streets remains a beautiful city. To read about Natchez, click this link…,_Mississippi

Yesterday was an exceptional one…so lots of photos today. I drove the Bronco the about 15 miles over the Mississippi River to Ferriday, Louisiana…a…

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SEX PISTOLS JUBILEE BOAT TRIP COMPLETE: 1977…good day when i found this gem!

and also , fuck youin advance, Dangerous Minds , especially, nonspecializing sleazy new age pot-smoking hippie asshole, marc campbell, and sleazier enabling boss, sprocket”–whose only saving grace is that it is the greediest spammiest most subtly overadvertised, widgetized and inaccesabilized, faux-hipster site on the net, which means, i rarely have to see (except just now–which means i have to go back and see if they stole/plagiarized/unattributed one of my 15 cocksucker blues posts–on the Internet…really, i could give a fuck, but what kind of lowlife would stalk one guy’s posts to the 24-hour humiliation soundtrack i’ve been playing from my bullhorns in order to turn the ugliest man in history and his now culpable unethical, uninterested blogowner into the most plagiarizing entity since that chick from Harvard…[[posterous-content:pid___0]][[posterous-content:pid___1]][[posterous-content:pid___2]][[posterous-content:pid___3]][[posterous-content:pid___4]][[posterous-content:pid___5]]

fuck you in advance


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Cosmic Gal’s Space Fever

This gallery contains 6 photos.

Originally posted on The Reprobate:
Cosmic Gal were a short-lived – possibly non-exisstent – disco band put together by producer Bernt Möhrle in 1979 for a one-shot album that featured a mix of original disco tunes, unlikely covers, English-language versions of Japanese hits and a revamped, retitled instrumental cover of Chilly’s Dance with Me. In…

72 Hours in André Balazs’ Chateau Marmont with Kenneth Anger

Via System Magazine and director Floria Sigismondi, here’s a new short film that features the mighty Kenneth Anger, wandering around the Chateau Marmont in Hollywood,dressed to kill in Gucci’s Cruise 2019 collection (inspired by the Marmont and featuring the emblem of the God Pan) while reminiscing about his film career, the occult, Hollywood Babylon and the golden age of Hollywood celebrity and scandal. Anger is looking pretty dapper for 91, and seems as sharp as ever. The film itself has style to die for, and makes you a touch sad that it is just five minutes long.

The Reprobate


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ARCHIVE VIDEO: Helmut Newton: Frames from the Edge (1989)

The United Nations of Photography

In this film from 1989 a camera crew follows Helmut Newton from Los Angeles to Paris, to Monte-Carlo, to Berlin, where as a youth he escaped from the Nazis in 1936. The film captures his working methods and the spirit and attitude of the Eighties fashion and celebrity world as it documents Newton on set, shooting, interviewing models, and discussing his work. Love him and his work or hate him his influence on late twentieth century fashion and portrait photography cannot be denied.

*These films are posted with the intention of sharing, inspiring and informing. They have all been sourced from open source platforms and no infringement of copyright is intended by this post. If you wish to have this post removed please contact us directly and we will be happy to do so immediately.

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Drive In December, 1972 – Ozoner Movie Madness in the Detroit area and other notable snow shows

Drive In December, 1972 – Ozoner Movie Madness in the Detroit area and other notable snow shows

The Scene of Screen 13


12-25-72, Detroit – Al Admason’s Biker classics were money winners through the Early 70’s, especially the controversial Satan’s Sadists which had it’s infamous ad run in the Detroit area while Charles Manson made the news. By 1972, it was joined in with the Director’s two other Chopper epics, Angel’s Wild Women and Hell’s Bloody Devils – the later salvaging a movie called The Fakers, also known as Operation M (for Money), and throwing in Nazi Bikers to give it that no-so-easy-riding appeal. Violent Action + Detroit + Sleazy stories usually equaled some good times for the customer and good money at the Drive Ins.  The fourth film was Brad (Blood Freak) Gritner’s Devil Rider also rode in, featuring some very familiar-sounding music in the trailer and a low-low-budget style that fitted perfectly.

This show had one screen in each area – The North caught it at the Troy, the 8…

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