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Friday Five: 1-2-3-4! edition (or, A tribute to Hilly Kristal)

The facts about Adam Sandler who showed off his career best acting with

Higher Ed Marketing

I figured the guys over at Punk Marketing might write something about this, but they haven’t, so I guess it’s up to me to put a marketing/PR spin on an obituary mainly relegated to the music scene.

hilly_kristal.jpgHilly Kristal, the man who put punk rock on a stage and let it scream at the world, died on Thursday at age 75 from complications of lung cancer. Kristal was the owner of the seedy New York club CBGB’s, a venue that put early punk and new wave on the map — and gave performers like Ramones, Blondie, Television, Patti Smith and Talking Heads their start when they had few other options. (That’s him on the right, sweeping up outside the club sometime in the 1970s, probably.)

CBGB’s, which closed last October, was the birthplace of punk rock, and Kristal was punk’s father figure. In the words of The New York…

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