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More open and free, so that hardware vendors can be Android models developed its own mobile phone and other hardware, is also provided through the Android Market Worldwide Developers to upload using the Java language, put the Android application software development threshold compared to the iPhone much lower rate of diffusion is more rapid, which has become the second largest market of smart phone application development. According to a survey conducted by the AdMob mobile ad business, more than 70% of iPhone developers also plan to put into the ranks of Android developers, the well-known software on the iPhone gradually appear in the Android Market, a market can not be neglected.


With the industry’s highest CP value CCNA router network integration technology class allows you to easily superior to determine the opening (6/30 weekend program) []
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You want to be one of the world’s top  


Cisco network experts?  

Cisco certification has been the world’s most credible, most valuable network of professional certification, exam content is locked to the latest technology and practical applications, and continues to update its testing tools and methods to ensure the excellent quality of the certification, and industry related and value.  

According to the survey shows that 10 IT certification Cisco certification encompasses three network authentication center stage, from the most basic entry-professionals to the top diamond-level certification are readily available. Cisco (Cisco) and IDC survey data showed, the global demand for network management workers, more than 40% of the actual market supply.

In other words, many companies can not find “qualified” network management personnel, such a situation in a foreign country generally known as the “Skill Gap”, and Skill Gap will seriously affect the productivity and competitiveness.

Complete ASP.NET web application to master Web Development Getting Started (7/28 weekend program) [to determine the opening]

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Scarcity ASP.Net talent in the workplace, how to enhance their competitiveness, in one fell swoop to learn web page design, and quickly create CRUD pages with Master / Detail Form application of the best web development tools. Courses to complete ASP.NET function of a complete introduction to fully experience the power of ASP.NET makes it easy to experience, hands-on practice the new features of ASP.NET , complete a course, you will learn to develop dynamic Web applications will no longer be so difficult to imagine.

Industrial Development Bureau grants 40% snapped up iPhone 4S is nothing new – to create your own iPhone App was hot! (6/26 night classes)

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iPhone set off a smartphone boom, hundreds of thousands of Taiwanese to join the big family of Apple fans, which is the most fascinating applications on the App Store, currently has more than 25 million units of software downloads 6.5 billion more has been broken! Have an iPhone smartphone, can be free or pay to obtain these software, the phone is no longer confined to the functionality provided by the original, it seems that access to the door of another world, every day of the new software You can use the!

Java programming strength EACH OF THEM ~~ Java programming language is to learn all Java technology (6/25 night classes) **  ** [Determine the classes]
The base does not play well, the follow-up techniques will be less to learn. The design philosophy of the Java programming strength EACH OF THEM, it is more time to lay a more solid foundation for the entry into the Java field novice. Not only to learn Java … Read more

Linux system administration, web server set up, network security management and cloud virtualization technology Practice series of courses (7/2 night class)
**  **
Counseling to obtain the LINUX LPIC1 license / covered by the hot cloud virtualization technology
* This class applies to the Youth Employment praised the plan ( details ) ★

95% of students in this network of centers working class LPIC Level1 Certification
LPIC Level1 participants can work together to obtain the Novell Certificate Linux Administrator certification

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CCNP certification classes year 2012 the 10 most valuable IT certification one!
The will project grant annual special price (the cheapest price) $ 51,000 in the whole, only this group of Early Bird Discount
This class applies to the praise of youth employment program ( details ) ★ ~

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The talent needs of web application development is the trend is also a trend, which in many development programs, PHP is no doubt that has become the most common and most popular development tool, it is stable and cross-platform features, and is suitable for contemporary open system wave under the program’s web page … Read more

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Microsoft Windows Phone mobile device platform, and how to use Microsoft Visual Studio programming and web development tools to implement a variety of mobile device information applications. Train students to use Microsoft Visual Studio development mobile device … Read more

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HTML 5 development program, is still offline through the Cache and the Database browser functionality to run a Web program to continue operating, and then the data real-time synchronization, wait until you can connect the iPod, iPhone, Android and other mobile devices … Read more

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Southern District Institute of Education Center for Information Industry Advancement
District, Kaohsiung City 211, Jhongjheng 4th of 1 (China, the country’s financial Building – MRT City Council Station Exit 2)
Course Tel: (07) 969-9885 ext 6639 Lin


  More open and free, so that hardware vendors can be Android models developed its own mobile phone and other hardware, is also provided through the Android Market Worldwide Developers to upload using the Java language, put the Android application software development threshold compared to the iPhon …» more

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