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Dogmeat as seen on YouTube

    1. Thumbnail  A Film By Harmony Korine: The Black Keys – Gold On The Ceiling theblackkeys 144,425 views
    1. X996

      Thumbnail  Russian Beatles Drive My Car (Starinki Avtomobil) cynophagie 6,499 views

    1. Thumbnail Pee Pee Doll (Uncensored pi-pi poupée) cynophagie 7,916 views
    1. Thumbnail NINA HAGEN ~ DON RICKLES cynophagie 206 views
    1. Thumbnail this is preposterous defect530 578 views
    1. Thumbnail Bob DYLAN ‘Isle of Wight’ cynophagie 11,389 views
    1. Thumbnail 电子水母 MOSESvv 1,369 views
    1. Thumbnail MRI male female genitals coitus cynophagie 84,720 views
    1. Thumbnail Jerry Lee Lewis Ruth Buzzi – Breathless cynophagie 92 views
    1. Thumbnail Patti Smith Because the night (rehearsal l’incroyable) Paris cynophagie 54,036 views
    1. Thumbnail John Lydon v. Judge Judy (COMPLETE) sobachemyaso 29,715 views
    1. Thumbnail Complete Led Zeppelin II album goldeneye0019 84,315 views
    1. Thumbnail Donna Summer Special – “Sunset People” & “Bad Girls” ArgoWho 7,352 views
    1. Thumbnail Donna Summer Special – Thirties Medley ArgoWho 3,327 views
  • Feed Play all   David Bowie 1976 Spécial (Thin White Duke) cynophagie 4,512 views Bowie and the old lady Bowie and the old lady Le 03 janvier 2012 — Par Chryde En 1976, Giscard était président, Mourousi présentait le JT de TF1, et on y trouvait des reportages de 10 minutes sur David Bowie, vu à trav …» more

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