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Not Tonight Henry + Long Swift Sword of Siegfried (Dogmeat Double Feature)


Long_Swift_Sword_of_Siegfried.mp4 Watch on Posterous

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One of the early color near-nudie films and was re-shown often by, mostly, drive-in theatre owners in need of a quick cash fix. They would hang out the “Adults Only” sign, thereby ensuring that every high school and junior high boy (and more than a few dads) within an hour’s drive would storm the gate, and turn on the pop corn machine and then hot-foot it to the night-deposit at the bank. “Not Tonight, Henry” (the actual title and not an alternate title as some seem to think) was a large step up in quality for director W. Merle Connell in that it was in color and also not just a static-camera filming of a burlesque show inside of one of L. A.’s smoky, grind house burlesques. The girls were still out of burlesque, as were Hank Henry and Little Jack Little: Hank Henry is more than a little frustrated at the “lack of attention” he is getting at home from his wife and starts dreaming up amorous escapades with sirens from the past…

Female Nudity
Nudie Cutie
Beautiful Woman
Independent Film

Cleopatra, Josephine, Delilah and others. Most end in some old burlesque skit or blackout gag, but Henry makes the history rounds. While he is dreaming, his wife is reading a book about the great lovers of history. When he “returns” the wife tells him he doesn’t have to sleep on the couch any more… and amends that to—“at least, not tonight, Henry.”


The Long Swift Sword of Siegfried

(An “adults only” retelling of the legend of Siegfried 1971)



Raimund Harmstorf

Sybil Danning

Heidy Bohlen


Fred Coplan

Carlheinz Heitmann

Walter Kraus

Fred Berghoff


Peter Berling

??? Walter Kraus

??? Fred Berhoff (oder Berghoff)

Achim Kaden
Hauptmann Locker

Rosy Rosy (= Rosemarie Heinikel)
Katharina Gianni
Christine Noack
Marianne Sock
Marie-Ann Dutoit

als Gast

Céline Bernier

Siegfried and the legendary love life of the Nibelungen

Woman Soldier
Wall Of Fire
Magic Cap
Female Nudity
Beautiful Woman
Marriage Ritual
Open Ended
Sword Fight
Girl Dressed As Boy
Torture Chamber
All Female Army

The First Superman in the First Adult Super Spectacle

The Epochal Event in Adult Entertainment


OK, this movie is pretty bad except for one major theme. Lots of nude girls. A very young Sybil Danning has no problem with strutting around completely nude. For Sybil Danning fans this movie is a hit. For everyone else it pretty much sucks.

Siegfried (1924)
Sigfrido (1957)
Die Nibelungen, Teil 1 – Siegfried (1966)
Siegfried (1980) (TV)
Die Nibelungen (2002) (TV)
Curse of the Ring (2004) (TV)

I down loaded this off a Bittorent site for free, after I saw the trailer on the Something Weird Video site. I had to adjust the visual controls because it was a bit “saturated” looking. Anyway, the film: There’s very little story here and the dialog is just plain inane. Apparently Siegfried has a long “sword” and knows how to use it. The women, who all happen to be beautiful, are in constant wanton desire to discover the pleasure or men. How they achieved this state of wonderment is curious as they are more than willing to casually go about their day-to- day activities in various states of undress in virtually every scene, leaving their level of chaste in question as they are in the presence of so many warrior knights. The most humorous aspect of this film is the music which ranges from pre-canned Wagner to trippy beatnik music replete with the gratuitous flute and cheesy combo organ. What could be Nordic than that? If you are into relentless and pointless nudity and are a Cybil Danning Fan, this is the film for you. I give it 5 stars only for its specific appeal.

Siegfried (1924)

Siegfried und das sagenhafte Liebesleben der Nibelungen USA (original title)
Ask satosu Turkey (Turkish title)
I torbiddi amori di Siegfrid Italy
La larga espada de Sigfrido Venezuela
La più allegra storia del Decamerone Italy (reissue title)
La plù allegra storia del decamerone Italy
Maidenquest Netherlands (informal literal title)
Mi erótico Sigfrido Spain
The Erotic Adventures of Siegfried UK
The Long Swift Sword of Siegfried USA
The Lustful Barbarian USA (video title)
The Terrible Swift Sword of Siegfried USA (promotional title)


  Not Tonight Henry See the full gallery on Posterous   Long_Swift_Sword_of_Siegfried.mp4 Watch on Posterous Not_Tonight_Henry.mp4 Watch on Posterous           One of the early color near-nudie films and was re-shown often by, mostly, drive-in theatre owners in need of a quick cash fix. They would h …» more

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