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Grauzone Blue Panties Dance
Gründung 1980
Auflösung 1982
Genre Neue Deutsche Welle
Gesang, Gitarre, Synthesizer Martin Eicher
E-Bass GT (Christian Trüssel)
Schlagzeug Marco Repetto
Letzte Besetzung
Gesang, Gitarre, Synthesizer Martin Eicher
Gesang, Gitarre, Synthesizer Stephan Eicher
E-Bass Ingrid Berney
Ehemalige Mitglieder
Saxophon Claudine Chirac
Gray area was a Swiss Music Group early 1980Neue Deutsche Welle (NDW). With their greatest hit Polar Bear The group succeeded in entering the Austrian and German Charts. Years. She was one of the pioneers of

The end of 1979 left Marco Repetto (drums) and GT (bass), the punk band Glueams to get together with Martin Eicher (guitar, vocals), a new musical focus. Martin / Tinu had Glueams already in their single mental supported. In early March 1980 she gave her first concert as a gray area in the club Spex in Bern. Martin’s brother Stephan Eicher (Guitar) and Claudine Chirac (saxophone supplemented), the group temporarily, with live performances and recordings.

Gray area has been notified by the two pieces Polar Bear and SpaceWhich they recorded the LP in 1980 published the “Swiss Wave – The Album”. Polar Bear met the lifestyle of the time and got radio airplay in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. The song was released as a single and reached number 6 in the Austrian and German 12th place in the charts.

The group refused, however, the commercial requirements and concentrated on film and studio work. In the winter of 1981 they returned to the Sunrise studios where the songs Moscow, Dance and I love them were included. In July and August 1981 Martin and Stephan Eicher went again with Marco Repetto to Sunrise studio and recorded their first and also last studio album. In February 1982, Ingrid Berney joined gray area in order to support Martin and Stephan Eicher live. According to a recent studio session, in which I and Thou added, was parted ways the musicians. Less than ten shows, four singles and one album the group broke up 1982nd

GT and Marco Repetto regrouped with former Glueams guitarist and drummer Dominique Martin Pavlinec Uldry, first as a “Missing Link”, then under the name “Eiger North Face.” GT then switched to the Futurism style similar action group “Red Catholic Orthodox Jewish Chorus” to the performance artist Edy Marconi, in the temporarily played Marco Repetto. Later called the group “I Suonatori. Stephan Eicher launched a successful solo career. Martin Eicher 1988 published the EP “Spellbound Lovers,” a flashy, but unnoticed work. Marco Repetto worked up from 1989 in Techno– And AmbientScene as DJ and musicians (e.g. remixing mittageisen v2) a name.

December       Formed in 1978 in Bern, the punk band Glueams. After some changes       Eicher 1979 met Martin as a guitarist and a few months to       later by his brother Stephen, both have music experience       with the Noise Boys Project collected. You name around in Gray area and tried to expand their music concept multimedia: They complement       their instruments with synthesizers, light effects and super-8 film projections.       The editor of Punk magazine in Zurich “No Fun” Urs Staiger       is attentively at a gig on the band and brings Gray area in the       Studio to record for his Swiss Wave Sampler two pieces: “Space” and “Special”. The latter is       a large radio and Diskothekenhit in Switzerland.

1981 suggests         the label Welt-Rekord/EMI among the Swiss and by now better         Promotion and sales reached the single “Special” a Top Ten ranking in Germany. But most of all the missing         TV appearances – the band consistently refused – and ungewöhniche         Live concerts without their hits, but with much Synthiesizer improvisations         were not conducive to the success of gray areas: “If         want to hear a polar bear, he should buy the record “ so the brothers Eicher.

End of 1981         appeared in his own eponymous LP recorded Sunrise Studio (without         the “Special”) And by the departure of G.T. and         Marco Repetto gray area also shrank in the meantime the duo and appeared         somewhat below. Then in 1982 with the single “Dream with me” one last musical signs of life of the band. located on the Maxi         next to the title track, a newly recorded version of “Furious         Glass “.

Defiance and         perhaps because of its modest instrumentation with drums,         Synth and guitar on this record were timeless electronic         Beads as “Furious jar or “The way         Couple “. Martin Eicher runs after the dissolution         1982 retired from the music business, while his brother         Stephan has since released numerous solo albums.

All in all they have, even if they wanted it never to the “Special” NDW co-written a great piece, the cold synthesizerlastige         Music with the worst text then hit exactly the zeitgeist. Also         today they are reduced to this song.


Moscow, 1980
Polar Bear, 1981
Dreams with me, 1982
Moscow, 1983
Polar bear, as in 1988 MCD

Gray area, 1981

Gray area, 1991 (3Klang/Line)



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