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freeing children and reuniting families, and creating the legal battle that would unravel Dederich’s house of cards.


Synanon_KATIE_CHUNG_CHUCK_DEDERICH.mp4 Watch on Posterous




For more information on Synanon and attorney Paul Morantz, go to (produced and edited by Jacob Davis) … Synanon “Paul Morantz” Cults 1970’s “Connie Chung” “Charles Dederich” News Lawyer “Attempted Murder” “Rattlesnake in …


A quick demo is available here.

Photos of Connie Chung

Does anyone know what became of Ken Hurst – son of Jack Hurst?

  • Synanon was as creepy and violent as they come.

  • Cedu was nothing but a cult run by uneducated asses

  • CEDU stood for charles e. dederich university. But after all the crazy cult shit, they started saying it meant see yourself and do something about it. But that school was a cult forced on minors.

  • Fuck Cedu and its off springs, such as this.

  • Synanon isnt a spin off, CEDU was a spin off of it.

    Chuck and Mel Wassermann were friends.

  • Oh yeah and FUCK CEDU. I went to BCAfor three years. Shitty is the least i can say.

  • I first heard of Synanon while looking up old news stories on Jonestown. If you go to the vanderbilt University tv news archive, you can see these special reports done by NBC (called “Segment 3” back then) on Synanon. I was surprised how quickly it degraded from an orgainzation that helped ppl, to a full blown cult. Itls a little scary (especially considerring the other events that happened that year.) Wasn’t your uncle the one that got bit .

  • (continued) by the snake in the mailbox, or was that someone else? I know they convicted the clowns (including

    Deiderich) responsible for it.

    h t t p : / / t v ne ws . van der bilt . e d u

    If you have Realplayer (and depending on your type of internet connection) you can view NBC clips for free. The Synanon reports were from summer, 1978

  • Great video!

  • Fuck your experiment, I bet that bastard sits up late at night drinking away. Nobody will ever know what this guy does behind closed doors.

 Synanon, Pepper , and Chung ” the people trapped inside this renegade organization, Synanon attempted to murder Paul Morantz, but he persevered, and ultimately won, freeing children and reuniting families, and creating the legal battle that would unravel Dederich’s house of cards . ”       Connie C …» more

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