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Cat logomini

Cat logomini case 21: A edical émoigne its own case at the dawn of his retirement is with great interest that have read your article on the fighters have appeared in The Journal of Practitioner ebruary 2000 and for two reasons.

Before taking the “MICA”, ‘had undertaken extensive research to understand the phenomenon of go without ever finding ESPONSES satisfaisantes.Etant myself a “great beyond,” and experiencing this state for many years, I sought an explanation my personal problem.

To move forward, perhaps, in your research I will eeting to your questionnaire survey: age 64 years – number of Aillant per day: depending on the day and especially by my statements soul.

This number can be done by a 20 to go by Erie crisis, very close .- schedules to fatigue, after reading at bedtime, but then they are isolated Aillant.

However, the bursts of Aillant ‘come when I feel oppressed, anxious, tense, for cons, they announce and confirm this, and I feel like waiting and saving my anxieties, my oppression as a valve.

Because after this Erie go, I feel relieved, tired and decompression. – No stretch .- Factors associated triggerings: cause or consequence of an anxiety manifested by a pressure at gastric plexus or a tight chest.

This has earned balances cardiac fibro stomach, all normal.

To reach the conclusion, we ‘talked’ panic ….

This is still felt in the ven-stereotypical way, without me explain each time. case 22: A 69 year old woman is driving to the consultation by her husband of n early 2000.

She complains about not being able to walk, being unstable, being afraid to walk.

Her husband speaks disorders emory.

NMI test 15/30.

Examination found a ésorientation temporo-spatial anterograde amnesia, acalculia, loss of urine unintentional indifference.

Neurological examination was normal and the scanner asked.

Treatment antidepressant Paroxetine (serotonin reuptake inhibitor) and buspirone is an improvement with gradual disappearance of phobias in three months.

Examination at that time asking if she yawns, shall immediately ELIVER noting that the husband is constantly telling him to refrain from going.

It bursts from June to October Aillant following, épétées up to 5 to 10 times a day, without any satisfaction or ene.

Introduction to complement a plug Evening of 1 mg pimozide is reducing frequency to go to a dozen a day without burst.

Psychic state is transformed: resumed walking, autonomy, goes shopping, has more emotion and memory is capabale calculate and anaging his wallet. case 23: a student émoigne PHYSICIAN. 27 ebruary 2001.

Thank you very much for having informed on what already exists on your site!

I have read with great interest.

‘I made several research sites on the go but I found before any other site as comprehensive.

I m very surprised a certain coincides (which in itself may prove the relevance of some of your remarks).

I myself am a student PHYSICIAN Syndrome Gilles De La Tourette.

Not suffering (consciously anyway) Aillant excessive, ‘I chose to make a site about cats now go.

Then I got interested a little closer to go, making myself the relationship between the involuntariness but flexible one go and a tic.

And I use amongst other example of someone who believes Aillant when acting as his own will ask me to explain what I feel when a tick and how is possible to do something unintentionally.

The Aillant expresses very well the involuntary nature of tic and flexible.

Another aspect that also reflects well is the loss of contact with the outside.

In fact, when Complex tics and less abrupt lasting several seconds, it’s happen to be reminded that when the éalité ‘perceive the reaction of one who is in front, like elsewhere who has no hands to his mouth, forgetting that he was watched.

To compare the tics, I am also using other examples.

Sneezing writes better sensation that may precede the tic and the difficulty to remember.

The hocquet writes well of involuntariness, and sudden bursts.

I also present a daily hocquet Enanta has been for some ven Periodicals.

This was preceded by one year the sudden onset of my tics.

Because just like go and tics, the hocquet decreases with neuroleptics.

I have never found in the literature edical relationship between tics, the hocquet and go. case 24: Mona 23 November 1998 asked the U S site HealthCentral.

For two years, I am taking “attacks go” for no reason. can this be for a surprise party, during classes at college, I m gay or sad, at the supermarket, being in a conversation with someone.

Nothing has changed in my life, I sleep well, I do not feel tired.

I am embarrassed by these crises épétées.

I can hold them for one or two minutes maximum, and then they must free themselves.

But I rarely go to bed at night or on awakening.

Follows a response of the “Dr Dean” explaining that in monkeys Monckey these situations can make it clear to other members of the troupe that elsewhere is tired and can no longer keep watch vigilant.

It makes the idea that this young woman expresses the other she is tired that denies the person concerned.

But the descritpion is typical of bursts of nearby Aillant tics and satisfaction related to their executions. case 25: Narrated by Barbizet: a 29-year partial seizures with a chronology and a walk always the same: violent éphalée occipital crisis go and hiccups, numbness of the left arm and mouth.

End of crisis by involuntary urination.

Autopsy diagnosis: left temporal astrocytoma and extending to the corpus striatum and Third venticule. case 26: observation of Dr Williams (Neurology 55, November 2000, p1592) a woman of 64 years, hypertension, diabetes PID, entered the hospital for serious éphalées occipital evolving for 48 hours, dysathrie, dysphonia.

For 6 months she complained of bursts is moving more and more frequent crises every night from 20 to 30 successive, uncontrollable.

Each burst is followed by painful cramps towards the pharynx and nuque.Tous were investigated biology and scan were normal.

EMG Evel amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, explaining disorders églutition and phonation. 3 months following the bursts’ accentuate, occurring 7 to 10 times from 20 to 30; the follow parallel églutition becomes increasingly difficult.

The prescription of thioridazine caused the disappearance of the bursts for 2 months.

Judgement of the neuroleptic éapparition causes of that toothless to recovery.

The patient died of a false route.

This picture of pseudobulbar palsy in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis shows a probable release control Aillant by loss of inhibitory cortical and seems paradoxical, since the reach of the motor neuron causes a paralysis of églutition (IX, XI) but not masticatory muscles ( V VII). case 27: Carlo Colosimo, MD, Francesca.

Pontieri, MD, Rome, Italy (january Neurology 1999, 52 P428) Drs.

Goren and Friedman are yawning in Parkinson disease (PD).

The authors state not Been That yawning down Associated with Treated or untreated PD And That It Is Most Likely a dopamine-mediated Phenomenon.

We wish to point out idiopathic PD That Is Not The First parkinsonian syndrome Reported to Be Associated with yawning.

Yawning WAS Described by Dr von Economo Not Only In The acute encephalitic “sleepy” stage of encephalitis Lethargica (EL) Along With sleepiness, goal aussi en postencephalitic parkinsonian (PEP) Patients Without Any Accompanying sleep disturbance or drowsiness.

In the latter “Case, The yawning WAS Often rythmic and repetitive, and WAS Viewed as a form of automatism or compulsive tic.

We Recently published a video collection of early cinematography boxes of PEP seen at The Mayo Clinic in 1920 With One In The Box Showing a woman with paroxysmal yawning.

Like idiopathic PD, PEP IS Associated with neuronal loss MOST That Is In The separate substantia nigra and less so In The basal ganglia.

Given neuropathologic The Involvement Of The nigrostriatal system in PEP, The Parkinsonism WAS Likely due to dopaminergic dysfunction.

We Believe thats the compulsive yawning in PEP Could Possibly Be aussi dopamine mediated, have this symptom or sign Often remitted in boxes of The Few That Spontaneously Improved PEP. case 28: complete adherence Dr Quoirin, bursts of Aillant only symptom a stroke érébral. case 29: Dr Jacome earns éphalées violent attacks by, inaugurated (will not migraine) by went (including a pituitary adenoma) full text in English case 30: Dr Jacome reported three cases of migraine attacks accompanied Aillant full text in English and new cases (2004) case 31: Dr Beale wrote in iatrogenic Aillant antidépesseurs érotoninergiques inétgral text in English Case 32: Dr Sandyk wrote a disease accompanied by bursts Steel Richardson Aillant full text in English case 33: Sicard.

A A paraffinic and Laughter syncope and goes during encephalitis epidemic Newsletters and memories of the League of edical OSPITAL Paris. 1921, 45, P232 case 34: Delmas Marsallet The sign of moving in the frontal brain lesion.

Oto-neuro-ophthalmology 1937, 15, P183 35 cases (witness 28/10/2001) got a problem Aillant that only occur at night when I sleep …

This is my companion, who suffers the most because frankly I do ‘to not realize.

He says I can not ork for 1h30 stop, and wings will come closer every 15 seconds and very deep and “noisy”.

And that throughout the night, crises are spaced about 30 minutes he said.

So you can imagine how it must be Enanta for him!

Is almost as if I was snoring really.

During wakefulness I do not go (or as everyone else), and in your site I ‘ve read anything about Aillant night and unconscious.

What is it?

What can they be U S ?

I said that this is not every night, but quite often when ven, and it does not correspond to a particular ERIOD fatigue or ‘depressive state.

Plus I sleep well and am well rested at awakening. edical speaking, I m 10 years reached a neurological disorder égénérative mislabelled, following a vaccination against hepatitis (the link has been recognized expertise and I will be indemnified by the State for this as’ nurse and were therefore obliged to I vaccinated).

My motor problems are minimal compared to the chronic pain that I Ache life, and I m always a given treatment by the Pain Centre of the hospital in my town.

I take 400mg of Topalgic behind 24 and 400mg of Neurontin at night to sleep without being awakened by évralgies.

‘Ve long since this treatment and I never have had these crises Aillant before.

They appeared he was about 3 weeks.

My Aillant could they be U S edicaments these?

Another possibility: para, and more besides, acoustic neuroma as part of a family Enette disease, neurofibromatosis type 2.

This neuroma was placed at C7 D1, inside ven C8 nerve territory.

It is very large and must be removed surgically elastic …

Can it at this level of compression the supine position induces the phenomenon of go?

In short, ‘trying to understand, and I count on you to help them do.

Now you know everything, and hope you will give me ideas for getting rid me of this little problem (small for me but great for my companion). case 36: Van Sweden, Vanderhoven, van Erp MG.Excessive yawning.

Acta Neurol Belg 1994; 94 (3) :150-1 and Pathological yawning (chasm) Associated with periodic leg Movements in sleep: cure by levodopa Martin Leonhardt case 37: Mc Lean et al reported 4 cases excess Aillant as clomipramine and go and sexual arousal in Bertschy of clomipramine case 38: Postert et al go and Multiple Sclerosis case 39: Fletcher: Yawning as a paroxysmal sign of diencephalic seizures case 40: A single postponement of hemiplegic arm stretching related to yawning 0.

Blin see parakinesia brachial sonography (2004) case 41:.

Nathalie ed in 1973 has a mental retardation who do not allow him to learn to read or write.

She consults because she is getting married but is importuned for two years, the date of ths of his era, and by a sleep bruxism bursts of 30 to 40 go, épétées 10 to 12 times per day.

Physical examination is normal neurological and endocrine systems.

A trial of treatment with haloperidol 1 mg * 3 is established.

Wings will disappear but bruxism, reactant is not completely stopped. case 42: Yawning as a complication of electroconvulsive therapy and concurrent neuroleptic Withdrawal ‘Mello, Vincent, Lerner (full compliance) Case 43: (personal observation) Mrs Cha ..

Isabelle, 27 years tubal infertility.

It ENEFITS Tours, a support for econds vitro.

Each month for three months, she received an injection of 75U per day of follitropin alpha, hormone maturation of follicles (FSH) to stimulate multiple ovulations to collection of ova.

Three hours after injection, she feels bursts of go, 10 to 20, recurring every 10 to 30 minutes for 6-8 hours.

This iatrogenic effect is not currently reported.

She has no symptoms, pituitary adenoma in particular prolactin.

Case 44: (personal observation) MADEM Bell …

Maureen, took 78 years, 6 months, 50 mg per day of sertraline (Zoloft), an antidepressant érotoninergique.

It then signals the existence of bursts of go, existing since the second month of treatment, then it feels better, is more asthenic, and has a good sleep.

She inquires about their cause.

Discontinuation of treatment, including the extension is more justified allows the disappearance of bursts in ten days.

Similar cases are reported lready. case 45: “On Call: I m a 62-year-old man in good health.

I take Zocor for my cholesterol as well as” a baby aspirin and several vitamins Every Day.

My problem May SEEM silly, But It’s really a nuisance : uncontrollable yawning.

Do You Have Any Idea Why I yawn gold So Much What I Can Do About It? ” Harv Mens Health Watch (2002). 6 (9): 8. case 46: Excessive yawning and sleepy attacks case 47: A 46 year old man with WAS obsessivecompulsive disorder history Referred by psychiatrist Because of frequent yawning spells.

It soon Became Apparent That His Movements, superficially resembling yawning, Were different from historical normal yawning.

The yawning Movements Were preceded by a sensation of drowning or suffocation That Could Be Relieved If The only yawning movement Was “just right: I need that good breath”.

The yawning WAS Temporarily suppressible, and Did Not Occur If The patient WAS distracted.

The yawning Could Be Substituted for by a sigh, Which aussi abolished The sensation of asphyxia.

Diazepam helped to Reduce the movement.

There Was previous history of tics, family history & the WAS notable for Parkinson’s disease.

As a child, The Patient HAD obsessive rituals That Did Not odd HIM.

(Extract Chouinard, Ford Adult onset tic disorders Neurol Neurosurg Psychiatry 2000; 68, 738-743) case 48: A 23-year-old woman Presented with 10 Days of progressive numbness of The Face and arms, diplopia, oscillopsia, and dysphagia.

She Reported Inability to sneeze year gold yawn and meals Were Followed by 5 minutes of Hiccups.

She Had a history of venous thrombosis and a family history of systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE). case 49: “I am 66 years and in recent weeks I am awakened by bailiffs who ‘play untiringly without stopping because I Eve Deplus I feel a warmth and pain in the palms and feet, so I m walking, yawning, suffering + in + in my chest.

The first time, ‘I wanted to eat sth salty and’ have chewed “furiously” crisps. “drank a glass of water, ‘I spent hands and feet in water cool, I still went back to bed, massaging my feet while reading and then went back to sleep. ‘had thought of a phenomenon allergic … but since it is reprinted, but I find in my last meal anything suspicious.

I take TRAMADOL 200 2 times a day for about 2 years to relieve many points osteoarthritis.

These moments are very énibles me, my edical do not “see”.

What? ” Answer: If your wording is correct in these terms and its chronology, it is indeed very strange to be awakened by go.

They arrive in effect, qq moments after awakening to extend mechanically.

Currently, before any excess goes, he must always think of an iatrogenic cause (ie an unexpected side effect of a DTIS).

Tramadol you take to ease your pain is a morphine derivative.

The chronology of your symptoms make me think that your attacks go with a hyperpathia ériphérique (allodynia?), Or paresthesia are the control test of a craving for late doses, linked to your dependences of morphine.

See an article.

Case 50: CPAP and Yawning Basic Facts, yawning ya une indication That You are tired.

So, Why yawning now?

Because Of The constant Awakenings as a result of sleep apnea, We Become tired, fatigued Then, Then more fatigued, Then a zombie …..

It Seems somewhere Along the line Some of us at least go Beyond the normal reaction to Lack of sleep and fail to exhibit The normal reactions.

One Of The Many Things I quit experiencing With sleep apnea Was an occasional yawn.

When We Start NPAP therapy, first weekends we catch up severly delenquent REM sleep (REM Experiencing What Is Called rebound).

We Then Get Back Into Fashion With a normal sleep and normal sleep architecture normal circadian rhythums.

If We Get More Than The normal adults for 8 + hours of sleep per day, weekends begin to pay back o sleep debts.

Düring cette période d Time We start to experience minor little exchange in Our Lives.

Simple things like not falling asleep behind the Wheel.

Seeing the end of movies.

Making It Through the kids (or big kids) school program.

Or yawning.

My co-workers Thought I Was Nuts!

It’s not a disbuted outcome, but “yawning”!

I Began yawing one afternoon at work.

SEVERAL times.

And Then I Realized, I Had not yawned in years!

In Fact I Could Remember When I Had last yawned.

A Lot of Years!

And Suddenly It Dawned I am thats the yawning Was a very simple, very subtle sign That I Was Getting Better.

I ran around telling everyone “Hey!, I m yawning!”

Yes, a nut, to I Was Getting Better!

Now, a note of caution.

I Went Through a Period of Time When I yawned, I have to pay back my Continued to sleep debt, I quit yawning again.

After That, if I Pushed Things, and got tired, i would yawn.

If I sleep Maintained proper hygiene, I do not yawn.

So, let yawning Be a sign.

If You Are Still yawning after a year like “Rested,” It May Be That You Are not Getting Enough Sleep to pay back your sleep debt.

Perhaps gold That There Is Another problem.

If you yawn occasionally, get some extra sleep for a night or Two.

Be aware of your body, your sleep and it IS important.

Case 51: An original OBSERVATON: parakinesia éveloppée bilateral brachial sonography during a quadriplegic with multiple sclerosis Case 52: will go as a temporal lobe epilepsy Case 53: Aillant shaped tics with circadian ryhtrme a woman of 81 years, evolving over 15 years Case 54: Aillant hypertension in intracranial granulomatosis érébrale Case 55: go and narcolepsy. émoignage a patient: “I think it has significant differences between normal and Aillant bailment of narcoleptic.

Every First he Aillant the morning and evening.

In the morning, yawning is supposed to help us out of sleep but this ad for a narcoleptic sleep mandatory time comes to stay normal.

I remember (it no longer does now with help of edicaments certainly) a systematic coupling go and erection.

The subject ‘was been a taboo with the professionals of sleep, but it exists and is very obvious.

Modafinil acts but it is not obvious on the spot and he was sometimes ù impression that it ‘works at all. ow ever, if I stops I found after two days an enormous loss of tone to do something.

I would also say that falling asleep is not necessarily preceded by go. enerally, falling asleep is very fast.

When we fight against sleep, we do not necessarily go.

One would like to make Aillant stimulant effects but only able to get us out of fear or to have a break as the end of a course. ” Case 56: go and disorders of attention with or without hypercativité Case 57: Myocardial ischemia as a result of severe benzodiazepine and opioid Withdrawal Case 58: Crises of iatrogenic Aillant amlodipine Case 59: Sometimes When I yawn or stretch my arms out, my neck up sixteen (bread shoot to my head) and my eyes feel like They Are rolling around.

This Last for around five to seven seconds.

When I rub the Side of my neck, it all goes back to normal.

My doctor tells me to Avoid stretching or yawning goal Sometimes I do it Without thinking.

At times I think I Might saint.

(Male, 75).

Response: Probably You Suffer from cervical osteoarthritis.

The neck stretching Düring lordosis (neck pain) May The compressed vertebral Arteries and Malthus’s case has brainstem ischemia (vertebrobasilar Insufficiency.)

Düring Which The disturbance of cranial nerve Functionnal nucleus generate your optokinetic nystagmus.

Yawning or 60 attacks 61 cases observation of a young boy with syndome of Morsier of Kalman, who has never go and is immune to ‘the échokinésie Aillant by prosopagnosia.

Case 62 ’28 years and I ve always been yawning.

I m not tired, I sleep well … anyway all is well.

By cons I yawn constantly, and it becomes very Enanta when I m facing an unknown person.

My family, my friends, my colleagues and my superiors know and understand that is beyond my control.

I absolutely can not prevent it.

‘Try to shake âchoire but is impossible to restrain myself.

Then explain to my audience that this is not against them and that ‘there is nothing personal.

But this force can disrupt some EGOTIATIONS!

Right now I m just ven yawn when I m writing my email.

Is incredible.

My age is 54 years old and saw the exact thing ven!

Where did it come from and how to master? mystery.

If you have a solution, I m all ears.

Anne-Marie Case 63: propriospinal myoclonus and goes ePetition: an observation Case 64: Excessive tumor Aillant érébrale Case 65: go, singing and relaxing the case of Anna.

Case 66: go and syndromes, sleep apnea, where Emilia Thank you for contributing to enrich the record clinical observations by sending your case to DETAILED Write to Dr Walusinski ..

Cat logomini case 21: A edical émoigne its own case at the dawn of his retirement is with great interest that have read your article on the fighters have appeared in The Journal of Practitioner ebruary 2000 and for two reasons. Before taking the “MICA”, ‘had undertaken extensive research to understa …» more

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